Friday, October 17, 2008


  • Saved Washington's troops from being slaughtered.
  • Passed on top secret information without being caught.
  • Maintained her family.
  • Inspired others.
  • Came from Dublin, Ireland and moved to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
  • Kept everything she had done from her husband.



Lydia Darragh

I am Lydia Darragh i am a Quaker women who supports the war. I was
born in 1729 and died at the age of 60 in 1789. My house was taken over by
the top British officers as a conference center. I would listen on to the
meetings that were held in my house and then warn the American soldiers.
At first I didn’t want to get involved but through
prayer I came to a conclusion that many would suffer and die if I did not act
on the information that I found. Just off of the information that I over
heard I saved Washington's troops from a terrible defeat. I was interrogated
by the British officers within my household, because they were suspicious of
how Washington's troops were prepared for the attack and how they knew
what they would need to defeat the British. I made many accomplishments in
my lifetime. Such as being a women spy which not only helped my country
it inspired many other women to do their best and try and accomplish things
like I did. My daughter was one of my biggest supporters and was actually
the person who ended up speaking of my noble deeds and telling people
what amazing things I did with my life. She also helped me influence people
women mostly to keep on trying. And those are just some of my many accomplishments, and a small portion of my life.